Microstructural and Mechanical Properties of AZ31B to AA6061 Dissimilar Joints Fabricated by Refill Friction Stir Spot Welding

Venukumar Sarila, Harisivasri Phanindra Koneru, Muralimohan Cheepu, Bharat Kumar Chigilipalli, Venkata Charan Kantumuchu, Muthukumaran Shanmugam
2022 Journal of Manufacturing and Materials Processing  
Dissimilar friction stir spot welds (FSSW) between the magnesium and aluminum alloys are joined, using a novel approach called refill friction stir spot welding. The present work aims to evaluate the macrostructural and mechanical properties of refill friction stir spot welded AZ31B and AA 6061-T6 alloys in two combinations, i.e., identical Mg-to-Mg and dissimilar Mg-to-Al joints, and the results are compared with the results obtained in conventional friction stir spot welding. The hardness
more » ... iles of the similar welds had the appearance of a W-shape, and the Thermo mechanically affected zone and heat-affected zone of both methods had lower hardness values than the rest of the weld. Along with the interface between the aluminum and magnesium sheets, a thin intermetallic compound layer of Al12Mg17 has been identified, which has led to an increase in hardness. The static shear strength of both similar and dissimilar refill spot friction welds was much greater than that of traditional spot friction welds. In both similar and dissimilar spot friction welds, two distinct failure scenarios are discovered.
doi:10.3390/jmmp6050095 fatcat:i3yypm73d5fnjapexxu7f7wk3q