Modeling Eclipses of the Novalike Variable TT Triangulum

S. R. Warren, A. W. Shafter, J. K. Reed
2006 Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific  
Multicolor (BVRI) light curves of the eclipsing novalike variable TT Tri are presented and analyzed with a parameter-fitting eclipse model. The mass ratio of TT Tri is poorly constrained, but must lie roughly in the range 0.3>R_1) generally resulted in a higher white dwarf temperature, and a steepening of the disk temperature profile, but were not required to achieve a viable steady-state disk solution. No evidence was found for a luminous bright spot in the system, which is not surprising
more » ... the lack of a pre-eclipse "hump" in the light curve. A total of 22 eclipse timings were measured for the system, which yielded an ephemeris for the times of mid-eclipse given by HJD = 2,453,618.953(3) + 0.1396369(4) E. A comparison of the observed brightness and color at mid-eclipse with the photometric properties of the best-fitting model suggests that TT Tri lies at a distance of ~400-500 pc. (abstract abridged)
doi:10.1086/508555 fatcat:dqjmpypepzduxfhlzw3xxaflmq