Bιολογική καλλιέργεια βασιλικού (Ocimum basilicum) με τη χρήση βιολογικών σκευασμάτων [article]

Ηλίας Πλατής, University Of Thessaly, Ελένη Βογιατζή-Καμβούκου
The present thesis aims to highlight the contribution of Citizens' Service Centers (CSC) in Local and Regional Development. The institution covers the whole country geographically with its network and acts as a deterrent to the complex and contradictory procedures of the Public Administration. It favors Local and Regional Development as it ensures the unhindered service of citizens and businesses by providing quality services. However, in order for a CSC to be a vehicle for promoting regional
more » ... velopment goals, it must offer quality services that will satisfy the citizens. Therefore, the contribution of CSC to regional development is intertwined with the provision of quality services. Considering this relationship, the present thesis focuses on measuring the satisfaction of citizens using the "servqual" tool in the Municipality of Sophades, which belongs to the Regional Unit of Karditsa, Thessaly. For the needs of the research, the Structure was distinguished into two forms, Central and Regional CSC, while both the expectations and the ex-post evaluation of the citizens' satisfaction from the two different types of CSC were taken into account. The questionnaire was based on the five dimensions of the measuring tool. Random sampling was selected in order to obtain a reliable sample. 105 complete questionnaires were collected. According to the findings of the research, the citizens through the comparative evaluation indentified the "strong" and the "weak" points of the two forms of the Structure and highlighted the areas in which each one prevails. The conducted research is subject to restrictions due to its sample, which belongs to a specific small geographical area, in the Municipality of Sophades, Prefecture of Karditsa, with the result that it is not possible to generalize to a large sample. However, its creation is important because it enriches the bibliography and it provides incentive for citizens to actively participate in the planning and restructuring of quality services.
doi:10.26253/heal.uth.11518 fatcat:35xiubvforebfk5itftsgjoe4i