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Svetlana S. Valkova, Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping
2018 Vestnik Gosudarstvennogo universiteta morskogo i rechnogo flota imeni admirala S O Makarova  
The permanent growth of the competition among the sea trade ports in the global logistic space is an attribute of the current state of the world trade development. This paper deals with a new role of sea trade ports in vertical links and horizontal echelons of global supply chains put a pressure on commercial aspects of their operations, which reflects in required technical characteristics. It states that technologic changes, narrowed specialization and quick growth of ship sizes firstly induce
more » ... the increase in demands for bigger throughput capacity of the port complexes. Environmental restriction in majority of cases exclude a simple extensive territory development, since historically ports usually develop in the centers of urbanistic regions. The article shows that the increased capitalization of port development due to introduction of new technologies and complicated facilities causes the growth of commercial risks in dedicated projects. In the same time, the deficit of port facilities deteriorates the port service quality and threatens the port's market stability. All these factors lead to radical changes of demands, norms and quality of the technologic development and project of sea port complexes. The losses connected with the inadequate utilization of port facilities should be balanced with the losses connected with their deficit, so the technologic design is expected to produce data and information required to take this decision. The methods used today were developed in the abandoned paradigm of administrative economy, and their usage causes a potential danger for successful commercial operation activity of the port complexes. Consequently, the development of new, more adequate and precise methods for evaluation of main structural parameters of port complexes form a very actual tasks. The paper describes one method of this kind, the evaluation of the sea port storage's parameters by simulation.
doi:10.21821/2309-5180-2018-10-4-713-723 fatcat:bvlf625ysfahdfpd7w5yqalk64