Comparative analysis of Al-SiC metal matrix composite and Al 7075 T651 alloy in the construction of CubeSat frame

Rajarajan S
2021 Material Science Engineering and Applications  
CubeSat is one of the trending technologies in the developed and developing countries across the globe. Various materials are used in the manufacturing of a CubeSat's subsystems. Structural subsystem is an essential one for a CubeSat's mission as it bears all the components, payload, and withstand space environment. Usually, aluminium alloys are used in the construction of outer structural frame. In this paper, Al-SiC metal matrix composite is analysed and compared with the conventional Al 7075
more » ... T651 alloy. Simulation is done with the help of ANSYS 19.2 software. A series of Static structural, Modal, and Transient thermal analysis is carried out on both materials. Al7075 T651 performed better in most cases. But also, Al-SiC showed good results in specific cases like lesser deformation, modal analysis at higher vibrations. Al-SiC could be combined with the existing aluminium alloys in the manufacturing of CubeSat's structural frame for a better and efficient output in a specific environment.
doi:10.21595/msea.2021.22047 fatcat:kcwihvlen5cltlu2aheyhhjehm