Framework for Modelling Post-Earthquake Functional Recovery of Buildings

Vesna Terzic, Peny K Villanueva, Daniel Saldana, Dong Y Yoo
Earthquakes are one of the most destructive natural disasters with devastating consequences on people and their supporting infrastructure. To improve the post-earthquake recovery process, building systems essential for providing continued operation should be protected by improved building design. This study presents a novel, probabilistic, building-level framework for modeling and evaluation of the entire recovery process, expressed by duration and speed of functional recovery. The proposed
more » ... y. The proposed framework is in line with the probabilistic PBEE methodology and is based on FEMA P-58 damage assessment results. It has a modular structure that allows easy extension and addition of new components. The unique feature of the framework is its capability to generate a functional recovery curve and to isolate 1) the contributors to the interrupted building operation and 2) building components that dominate the recovery process. As demonstrated in the case study of an existing 13-story building, the outcomes of the recovery evaluation can be effectively used as a guide for the development of earthquake mitigation strategies and design/retrofit solutions to improve the seismic performance.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.14211101.v1 fatcat:hwi73iislbh4vc5mlk7po72ibu