Socio-economic Aspects of Marine Bivalve Production [chapter]

Gesche Krause, Bela H. Buck, Annette Breckwoldt
2018 Goods and Services of Marine Bivalves  
This paper provides an overview of a number of socio-economic aspects related to bivalve aquaculture focussing on cultural services these activities provide to the culturing communities. Some direct socio-economic benefits of aquaculture in general exist through its supply of highly nutritious foods and other commercially valuable products. Additionally, it provides a variety of jobs and creates a set of income options. Yet, the question arises how to capture these in a coherent mannerwhat data
more » ... ent mannerwhat data is available and applicable to assess sustainable aquaculture in an inclusive way? Starting with some general information on marine bivalve aquaculture development and the local contexts of the producing (usually coastal) communities, the paper discusses what it takes to generate meaningful information needed for decision-making and governance of the sector. To date, such decisions about marine aquaculture development are still (too) often based on incomplete and short-termed information, particularly in relation to socio-economic dimensions. Consequently, inadequate accounts of how trade-offs are associated with different development options are made. Aquaculture expansion may come at the expense of increased and possibly unsustainable pressure on ecosystem goods and services, ultimately jeopardizing people's food security, health and livelihoods. Its development may therefore generate negative impacts on other industries and people's livelihoods, e.g. fisheries, agriculture, shipping, and tourism. Additionally, in some cases, benefits derived from aquaculture systems are moving away from the local communities directly affected by aquaculture to stakeholders operating at a global market level. These considerations are discussed in this paper. Central focus is placed here on the question of how a more direct way of cultural inclusion of the local (mostly coastal) communities directly involved and dependent on marine bivalve aquaculture could occur. Exemplified by case-studies, the paper will look at the culturing communities themselves, their everyday challenges, socio-economic controversies and benefits Abstract in Chinese 本文概述了与双壳贝类水产养殖有关的一些社会经济活 动
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-96776-9_17 fatcat:tb2a7gwxdbaplmxsjo3rafygkq