Tongco and Villagonzalo 8 Dipolar Interaction in a One-Dimensional Ising Ring

Gina Tongco, Cristine Villagonzalo
Science Diliman (July-December 2004) 16:2, 8-9 As synthesis of low-dimensional magnetic systems become possible, the need for theoretical understanding of their behavior arises. In this work, the authors explore a one-dimensional magnetic structure with the spins having dipolar interaction. The effects of a long-range interaction in a one-dimensional (1D) magnetic ring is studied. This ring consists of N equally spaced spins i. The spin interaction is described by a modified Ising model and the
more » ... Ising model and the system's total energy E is given by (1) where i = ±1 and r ij is the distance between spins i and j. The first sum is the exchange interaction restricted to nearest-neighbor pairs in the original Ising model (Yeomans, 1997). The second sum represents the dipolar interaction over all pairs of moments within the ring. The energy is measured in units of the exchange constant J. In this study we set J = 1.0. Here G is the strength of dipolar interaction in units of J.