Providing Electricity Requirements by Biogas Production and Its Environmental Benefit in Sample Dairy Farms of Iran

Energy Research Paria, Sefeedpari
2012 unpublished
This research evaluates and estimates biogas (methane) production potential from cattle manure through anaerobic digestion processes in some dairy cattle farms of Iran. The gas can be used to produce electricity, to heat water for farm use, or for other business ventures that use energy. By measuring the manure production in each dairy farm and the electricity use, the biogas production and consequently the electricity generating potential was assessed. Few previous researches and projects have
more » ... s and projects have been carried out on this subject. As the result of this study, there is the potential of 15190.3 m 3 day-1 biogas production which is equal to 7595.15 m 3 day-1 methane (CH 4) gas in the region for 47 dairy farms with 11862 head of cattle. This amount of biogas has the potential to generate electricity as 77428.3 kWh day-1 , which is more than the total electricity requirements of the target dairy farms. The CO 2 gas emission was also estimated due to the Methane value (0.04 tons/year). Based on the results and the environmental benefits of utilizing biogas, educating farmers through extension programs, making new policies for extending the idea of extracting biogas from cattle manure to provide the energy requirements within the country are suggested.