On the World Market Trajectory of 21 Major Book Publishing Companies in Globalization and European Studies in 100 Countries - From 'Amsterdam University Press' via 'Palgrave' and 'Nova Science Publishers' to 'Transaction Publishers' by International, 19 Indicator Comparison

Arno Tausch
2008 Social Science Research Network  
Ever since the path-breaking empirical studies by Schott (1998) world systems scholars start from the well-established assumption that world science is a single gigantic center-periphery relationship. The strategic and tactical practical conclusions for individual scholars and their agenda in the scientific periphery and the semi-periphery, to which Europe increasingly belongs, are much harder to draw than the general diagnosis. Where can scholars from outside the US attractively publish their
more » ... anuscripts for the world market? How does the European Union make its point in the global scientific arena in the field of the debates about social policies and globalization? Is there a way, especially for scholars from the new member countries of the European Union, and from the newly formed "Union for the Mediterranean", to effectively publish their works on the world market? Only three European social affairs ministries (France, Poland, Spain) afford themselves the luxury to publish their own scientific journal, while others must rely on international publishing to make their expertise heard internationally. This article tries to answer tentatively such a difficult and strategic question, and quantitatively compares the performance of Amsterdam University Press (EU); Ashgate (EU); Blackwell (EU); Cambridge UP (EU);
doi:10.2139/ssrn.1162241 fatcat:bdk6w7zxsbeljpvwevwrav4j6u