Target recognition by means of spaceborne C-band SAR data

Daniele Perissin, Claudio Prati
2007 2007 Urban Remote Sensing Joint Event  
The relative low resolution (~25m x 5m on the ground) of spaceborne C-band SAR data as acquired e.g. by ESA sensors ERS and Envisat can be significantly increased (up to sub-meter precisions [1]) by processing coherently long series of images. Moreover, by analyzing the amplitude of the radar signal, the main radar characteristics of urban targets can be estimated and a system for automatic recognition of a set of scattering structures can be developed. In this work, we present the methodology
more » ... nt the methodology and the results obtained on the test-sites of Milan and Shanghai by combining data acquired from ascending and descending passes and from parallel satellite tracks. I.
doi:10.1109/urs.2007.371876 fatcat:khz24rfvandahkwcwfwowtsgvy