The beta 3-adrenergic receptor inhibits insulin-stimulated leptin secretion from isolated rat adipocytes

T. W. Gettys
1996 Endocrinology  
Various model systems have been used to study the expression of the recently cloned ol, gene, leptin. Here we report that freshly isolated rat white adipocytes incubated with htsulln release leptin in a rapid and concentrationdependent manner (EC, of 0.221 f .075 nM). Insulinstimulated lepthr release could be detected as early as 30 mm and a maximal 2-3 fold effect was produced by 10 nM hrsulin. The effect of insulin was completely blocked by simultaneous activation of cAMP-dependent protein
more » ... ependent protein kmase. Using the activation of llpolysis as an index of cAMPdependent protein kinase activity, we show that inhibition of leptin release by noreplnephrlne or the selective &-adrenergic receptor agonist, CL316,243, occurred in parallel to activation of CAMP-dependent protein kmase. In addition, & and &adrenergic receptor antagonists did not impair the ability of norepinephrlne or (X316,243 to inhibit lepthr release from the adipocytes. These Fmdmgs suggest that the &adrenergic receptor plays a central role ln regulating the release of leptin from the adipocyte.
doi:10.1210/en.137.9.4054 pmid:8756584 fatcat:qutirr65rbfandan3uglh53hou