Converting Rutgers Busses to CNG

Marlon Romulus, Beau Bachety, Stephante Kent, Julie M. Fagan
Our issue is mainly focused on controlling the problem of air pollution, but focusing on a more local issue rather than trying to tackle a larger issue. We feel as though we can have a greater effect if we focus on a more specific issue. Air pollution is one of the more difficult issues to handle because it isn't easy to find a solution without increasing something such as cost. What we decided to do was to propose a conversion of one Rutgers bus to run off a bi-fuel engine (gasoline, CNG) to
more » ... gasoline, CNG) to see if, in fact, this is a worthwhile investment. Studies have shown that CNG gas is more cooperative to the environment, but there are some cost issues that arise with this alternative. So what we are trying to do is to suggest a trial run of a bus that is run of bi-fuel and the administration can evaluate the costs and benefits for the long run and make a decision based on the findings.
doi:10.7282/t3b8570r fatcat:g246c4oivnfnfcddow3c345che