The Dating of the Wangchenggang Walled-site in Dengfeng County and Related Issues

Fang Yanming
2007 Chinese Archaeology  
In 1977, archaeologists discovered the remains of a small east-west oriented city at the site of Wangchenggang 王 城岗 in Dengfeng 登封 County, Henan 河南 Province, which dated to the late Longshan period. The eastern part of the site was largely washed away by the Wudu 五渡 River, however the remaining western part of the site covered an area of roughly 8000 sq m. Inside the city the archaeologists discovered rammed earth structures which contained sacrificial victims in their foundations, as well as
more » ... veral fragmentary pieces of bronze. Based on inscriptions and the archaeological discoveries of the time, the excavators suggested that this site may be the remains of the "Yangcheng 阳城 " founded by the Xia sovereign: Yu 禹. In 1996-2000, a division of the Xia-Shang-Zhou Chronology Project, "Research on the chronology of Xia Period: the early Xia Period analysis" collected samples from the late Longshan area of the site in order to ascertain its C 14 dates. In 2002-2005, two new archaeological projects were initiated around the site: "The pre-research on the origins of Chinese civilization project" carried out a surv e y o f t h e L o n g s h a n e r a s i t e s s u r r o u n d i n g Wangchenggang. The actual project later began archaeological work which focused on the periodization of the site, its structure, and settlement patterns in the surrounding area. During these two projects the ruins of a late Longshan period city was discovered. This city was found to have a surface area of over 300,000 sq m and was surrounded by a large moat. The northern wall of this city measured 350m long and 0.5-1.2m high. The northern moat measured 620m long, 15m wide and roughly 5m deep. The western moat measured 135m long, 15m wide and 1.5-2m deep. From the surrounding geography and cores taken across the site it became clear that the other moats and walls had been destroyed.
doi:10.1515/char.2007.7.1.107 fatcat:pueo5ntnlzc2lja22hxm5ljbkm