Henryk Dźwigoł, Mariola Dźwigoł-Barosz
2018 Financial and credit activity problems of theory and practice  
The author of the article attempted to analyse research methods which are to affect, in a professional and complex way, conducting of a correct and reliable research process, with consideration given to practical and theoretical aspects of management. The management science methodology along with the management methodology were discussed -from fundamentalism to pluralism. The development of scientific knowledge requires some discipline and professional science-related approach. That is why, in
more » ... h. That is why, in order to select a correct research methods for the sake of carried-out research, one is required to be familiar with differences between determined research methods or approaches in social science methodology. While determining the research problem it is difficult to select a single method allowing to fully diagnose the given problem. It is necessary to employ diverse research methods allowing to provide answers to the posed problem. Thus, it is a necessity to make use of numerous methods and research approaches. On the basis of theoretical achievements and the author's own experience, he pondered on the original character of procedures as to research in the management sciences.
doi:10.18371/fcaptp.v2i25.136508 fatcat:dstoblco6fazhcu4clg2ntyqbu