Mitral Valve Plasty for Idiopathic Rupture of Mitral Valve Posterior Chordae in Infants

Yohsuke Yanase, Natsuya Ishikawa, Manabu Watanabe, Sachiko Kimura, Tetsuya Higami
2014 Annals of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery  
Idiopathic mitral valve chordal rupture is rare among infants. Once it has occurred, acute heart failure progresses, and emergency surgical repair is necessary in most cases. Our surgical experience with idiopathic mitral valve chordal rupture is reported. Patients and Methods: From September 2008 to May 2012, four infants (3 males, 1 female; median age 5.5 months) underwent mitral valve plasty for severe mitral valve regurgitation due to prolapse of posterior mitral valve leafl et. Patient
more » ... ory, surgical procedure, operation time, mortality, postoperative echocardiography data (mitral valve regurgitation grade: 0-trivial, mild, moderate, severe, transmitral fl ow: TMF) and pathology were examined. Results: Three cases required emergency surgery; 1 case, elective surgery. Intraoperative fi ndings showed chordal rupture of the P2 segment in 3 cases and P1 + P3 segments in 1 case. Quadrangular resection with annular plication was performed for 1 case. Quadrangular resection with annular plication and the Kay procedure were performed for 3 cases. Mitral valve regurgitation improved from severe to trivial-mild in all cases. Pathological examination showed a myxomatous degenerative change in the mitral valve. Conclusion: Mitral valve plasty was performed for idiopathic mitral valve chordal rupture in infants. The surgical procedures were the same as for adult cases and achieved satisfactory results.
doi:10.5761/atcs.oa.12.02159 pmid:23558223 fatcat:hzwxvzl5qrcx7mfxnuofdccdgq