2008 Analele Universitatii din Craiova. Seria geografie  
represents the first institution of upper education in Romania, having a tradition of over 140 years in the didactic field and, in the same time, of theoretical and applicative research in our country. It is not surprising that the most distinguished scientists of the modern and contemporary society came up from the 21 faculties that now make up this academic institution. Within the University of Bucharest, together with the permanent evolution of the didactic aspect, a powerful theoretical and
more » ... practical scientific research emphasized both before 1989, but moreover after this moment, with great results at the national level and a well-deserved recognition at an international level. The event which took place at the end of the year is included within this approach, namely the set up of the "Regional Development and European Integration" Research Centre. Using an older idea, the deputy dean of the Faculty of Geography, reader Silviu COSTACHIE, the initiator and the leader of this new research center, succeeded to bring together 19 teachers, scientific researchers, science PhDs and trainers for a doctor's degree, a Master's degree, but also young students, attracted by the perspective of working in such center. The set up of the center was based on the necessity to apply politics in the research field, developed by the University of Bucharest that focuses on quality education and the joining of didactic activities with theoretical and applicative scientific research, according to the Bologna Plan requirements. "Regional Development and European Integration" Research Centre, affiliated to the University of Bucharest, as it can be seen in the name it possesses, is intended to be a multidisciplinary research structure, meant to approach issues connected to Romania's development and the alignment to the European requirements in various domains of economy, social, cultural life etc. the center possesses a powerful lucrative character, grouping 11 researchers (from the 20 founding members) that already have a rich experience in the research field, as directors of national and even international projects. Also, the domains the center will try to tackle are extremely various, although half the members of the center are human geography researchers.
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