Biomimetic building skins: An adaptive approach

Karam M. Al-Obaidi, Muhammad Azzam Ismail, Hazreena Hussein, Abdul Malik Abdul Rahman
2017 Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews  
A B S T R A C T This paper provides an overview of the design of biomimetic building skins. Many types of smart and responsive building envelopes have been developed, but their improvement to achieve adaptability remains unclear and unstructured. Studies on biomimicry have formulated strategies but have failed to identify or review their technical and functional aspects in terms of architecture. Therefore, this study aims to understand biomimetic building skin designs by investigating its
more » ... isms, functions and materials through an adaptive approach. This study describes these biomimetic designs through theories, concepts, issues, approaches, methodologies, materials from nature, developed materials and systems in architectural applications. The study also employs a systematic quantitative research to enhance the integration of biology and architecture. This research is based on an evidence review focusing on selected studies and exploration results in accordance with systematic methods and critical analyses, such as classification and comparison, to identify patterns and trends. This study provides further insights into the relationship between biological systems and building skins. It also contributes to the development of adaptive building skins based on functional aspects to overcome technical challenges and promote innovation and sustainable architectural systems. Abstract biological strategies into design principles, identifying function and context, brainstorm bio-inspired ideas Reframe the solution Abstract from biological model Technological domain Identify life's principles, emulate design problem and, measure using life's principle Problem search and definition and principles extraction Implement technology through testing and prototyping K.M. Al-Obaidi et al.
doi:10.1016/j.rser.2017.05.028 fatcat:2ypsg5msgbdxxmdcfalkv3eluq