Interference Control Technology for Heterogeneous Networks

Junsik Kim, Kyongtak Cho, Byunghan Ryu, Namhoon Park
To eliminate dead spots like home or office and let multiple users efficiently use limited frequency resources by providing a better mobile communication environment that enables high-capacity data transmission service, the demand for a small base station is increasing. Accordingly, the research for automatically minimizing the interference and increasing the capacity of the base station by optimizing the cell coverage has become necessary. For this purpose, extremely reducing the cell radius
more » ... g the cell radius and providing a mobile communication environment for small business are needed. The femtocell services actively respond to the user's needs for a better mobile communication environment, and expanding business opportunities for the operators. The most important aspect to consider is the qualitative and quantitative service improvement of the technology. In this paper, we study the main technical issues, technological trends currently in progress related to femtocell, and femtocell interference management with access mode control on LTE-Advanced system for heterogeneous network.