Human cardiac sodium channels are affected by pentobarbital

H. C. Wartenberg, J. P. Wartenberg, B. W. Urban
2001 European Journal of Anaesthesiology  
500 mmol L -1 NaCI, whereas it had a significantly lower IC5o of 400 f!mol L -1 in 100 mmol L -1 NaCI. Pentobarbital caused a significant shift of steady-state activation to hyperpolarized potentials (fmax = -42 mV, IC50=2mmo1L -1). This effect was independent of NaCI concentration. Conclusion Despite pharmacological and electrophysiological differences between human cardiac and human brain sodium channels their responses to pentobarbital are similar. The finding of channel block being
more » ... lock being dependent on the electrolyte concentration is novel for sodium channels. Background and objective To investigate the response
doi:10.1046/j.0265-0215.2000.00829.x pmid:11350473 fatcat:whaudhwkz5eozgpelvm6z4kw6e