Teaching Digital Literacy: The Outcomes from a Learning Lab

T. Carron, G. Houzet, H. Abed, P. Pernelle, P.-J. Lainé, S. Talbot
2018 J of Electrical Engineering  
In this article, we describe the recent developments in higher education relative to the digital outcomes. Between these evolutions, we are witnessing new teaching locations or sites called "learning labs". The aim of this article is to present how the deployment of such a location (sometimes named third places) can offer some new perspectives, modifies the way of teaching and gives some interesting results both from the teachers' point of view (in terms of assessment of knowledge and know-how)
more » ... ledge and know-how) and for the learners (in terms of motivation, immersion and exchanges). In a second phase, we will focus on the predominant role that electronics can take in setting up formations, especially around "connected objects" (i.e. communicating devices connected to networks). We will illustrate concretely our idea around an experimental training which has obtained the national label GEN ("Grande Ecole du Numérique").
doi:10.17265/2328-2223/2018.02.003 fatcat:igzclg47evhkrpx6gljvpeecou