ECG Data Compression for MIT-BIH Record No. 100/ML II with DCT and DCT-2 Frequency Transformation Techniques

Anurag Agarwal
2013 MIT International Journal of Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering   unpublished
The electrical activity of the heart called Electrocardiagram (ECG) is a very important diagnostic parameter for the measurement of the heart activity and the health condition of the patient for the treatment purpose, so for the long term monitoring and analysis of the ECG data, compression techniques are very much important and necessary for the record of large data signals in a space, as small as possible for the storage with the high accuracy while retaining the important diagnostic clinical
more » ... diagnostic clinical parameters in case of reconstruction of the original compressed signal. In this paper the Frequency Transformation Techniques, DCT and the DCT 2, are proposed for achieving these required conditions based on MATLAB Programming for Standard MIT-BIH Database Record Signal No 100/ML II ECG and the high compression and low error are achieved from this work.