GNSS Integer Ambiguity Estimation and Evaluation: LAMBDA and Ps-LAMBDA [chapter]

Bofeng Li, Sandra Verhagen, Peter J.G. Teunissen
2013 Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering  
Successful integer carrier-phase ambiguity resolution is crucial for high precision GNSS applications. It includes both integer estimation and evaluation. For integer estimation, the LAMBDA method has been applied in a wide variety of GNSS applications. The method's popularity stems from its numerical efficiency and statistical optimality. However, before conducting ambiguity resolution, one needs to infer how reliable the fixed solution can expected to be, as incorrect fixed ambiguity
more » ... ambiguity solutions often lead to unacceptable positioning errors. In this paper, two Matlab software tools are introduced for the evaluation and integer estimation: Ps-LAMBDA and an updated version of LAMBDA. Evaluation of the integer solution is based on the ambiguity success rate. Since this probability of correct integer estimation is generally difficult to compute, easy-to-use approximations and bounds of the ambiguity success rate are provided by the Ps-LAMBDA software. This success rate tool is valuable not only for inferring whether to fix the ambiguities but also for design and research purposes. For the actual integer estimation, the updated version of the LAMBDA software, provides now more options of integer estimation and integer search, including the searchand-shrink strategy. In addition, the Fixed Failure-rate Ratio Test (FF-RT) and the Fixed Critical-value Ratio Test (FC-RT) are incorporated for users to validate the significance of the fixed solution. Using these two software tools together allows for the combined execution of integer estimation and evaluation, thus benefiting multi-frequency, multi-GNSS applications.
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-37404-3_26 fatcat:my3dcjzddjbgpalklvtgcbi4s4