Construction supply chain management: a scoping review

Jefferson Augusto Krainer, Christiane Wagner Mainardes Krainer, Ana Celia Vidolin, Frank Kiyoshi Hasse, Fabiano Barreto Romanel, Cezar Augusto Romano
2021 Ambiente Construído  
Studies related to construction supply chain management (CSCM) emerged in the mid-1990s to address the structural, economic and organizational nature typical of the construction industry. Previous researches sought to review the literature on CSCM, however, they usually focused on specific and well-defined issues. This article aimed to map the current areas and subareas of the CSCM. Adopting a bibliometric approach and following the PRISMA-ScR recommendations, a scoping review was carried out.
more » ... ith the help of the CiteSpace© tool, the information was viewed as a co-citation network, providing a panoramic view of how the main publications are distributed and networked, forming research areas and subareas. The key documents and the main authors were identified; the current situation and the emerging points of interest in the CSCM field were also revealed. This article establishes a knowledge base for future research, which can help scholars and managers to identify authors, documents and journals to be considered when dealing with certain topics of the CSCM.
doi:10.1590/s1678-86212021000400573 fatcat:zj7xwz3u3rbztipjmxzknvsnci