Translation and Validation of Adolescents' Self-Concept Short Scale [post]

Namood-e-Sahar, Hamid Ali Nadeem
2021 unpublished
Adolescents' Self-Concept Short Scale (Veiga& Leite, 2016) was devised to measure self-concept among adolescents. Present study was aimed to translate the scale into Urdu language and validate the underlying factors among adolescents of Pakistan. It comprised of three main phases. Phase-I underlies the translation through forward-back translation method, followed by the cross-language validation study. The translated and the original version were administered on bilingual secondary school
more » ... ondary school students (N=100) and reliability was estimated that ranges from .39 to .71 for translated version. Phase-II aimed to establish the construct validity by using Exploratory Factor Analysis on adolescent students (N=150) with age range of 13 to 16 years (M=14.53; SD=1.02). Results showed four main factors, instead of six factors of original scale. Finally, Phase-III of the research aimed to confirm the factorial validity through Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) on sample of secondary school adolescent students (N=300) age ranges from 13 to 18 years (M= 15.46; SD=1.23). Findings thus suggested that Adolescents' Self-Concept Short Scale - Urdu version can be utilized as a valid and reliable measure for the assessment of self-concept among adolescent students with understandability of Urdu language.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:7jmufblkzva35m6wouj5u3cetu