Identification of a major serum DNA-binding protein as factor B of the alternative complement pathway

W D Gardner, J A Haselby, S O Hoch
1980 Journal of Immunology  
One of the major proteins in human serum capable of binding DNA has been shown to be factor B of the alternative pathway of complement activation. This protein, designated DNA-binding protein-2 (DBP-2), is recognized by antisera directed against both factor B and its activated form, fragment Bb. Its m.w., charge microheterogeneity, and amino acid composition correspond closely with reported values for those properties of factor B. A radioimmunoassay was used to estimate the serum concentration
more » ... f DBP-2 at 266 +/- 83 microgram/ml, which also corresponds with the level of factor B normally present in the serum. DBP-2 functions as factor B in the activation of factor B-depleted serum. Limited proteolytic treatment of DBP-2 produced a fragment pattern resembling that of factor B both in the m.w. of the fragments and their electrophoretic mobilities. By means of DNA affinity chromatography of the fragments produced by trypsinization, the DNA-binding domain of DBP-2 was localized.
doi:10.4049/jimmunol.124.6.2800 fatcat:cadco7n4bfejnnhsww3siqxybu