Reliability overview of RF MEMS devices and circuits

S. Melle, F. Flourens, D. Dubuc, K. Grenier, P. Pons, F. Pressecq, J. Kuchenbecker, J.L. Muraro, L. Bary, L.B.R. Plana
33rd European Microwave Conference Proceedings (IEEE Cat. No.03EX723C)  
RF MEMS have been pursued for more than a decade as a solution to high-performance on-chip fixed, tunable and switchable passives. However, the implementation of RF-MEMS into products has remained elusive. This is partly due to special-purpose processes that only supported a narrow application field, in many cases optimized for single devices. This prevented aggregation of volumes to justify the manufacturing infrastructure of even a single production foundry. This paper presents a single
more » ... ents a single process that has been implemented in multiple foundries and highlights a wide range of high-performance devices including switches, inductors, varactors, and phase-shifters that have been or are being built using this process. This process thus forms the foundation for a wide range of reconfigurable and tunable RF passive circuits. 11th GAAS Symposium -Munich 2003
doi:10.1109/eumc.2003.1262212 fatcat:ezoqv7pmr5egfpousl27mamnie