Symposium 2. Physiology and pathology of larynx and airway in the aged. D. Physiological mechanism of insufficiency of cough in the aged
シンポジウム 2 高齢者の喉頭,下気道の生理と病態 D. 高齢者の咳そう不全

Yuko Asato
1991 Nihon Kikan Shokudoka Gakkai Kaiho  
The pathophysiological basis for insufficiency of cough seen in senile patients was examined. Flow-volume curve for patients with chronic lung disease was obtained d uring cough and maximal expiratory effort . The flow during cough was equal to maximal expiratory flow (Vmax) and Vmax decreased with an age . The chest wall configuration during cough was evaluated by Konno-Mead diagram which suggested expiratory muscle weakness and insufficient closure of vocal cords in senile patients .
more » ... nal shape of trachea obtained by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and cross sectional area of trachea obtained by CT sca n were evaluated. Longitudinal shape of trachea more curved with an age . These results suggested that deformation of trachea also contributed to the decrease in the flow during cough in senile patients.
doi:10.2468/jbes.42.150 fatcat:aanuntn56ngt5o2kt2wyynqgry