Cause of a recent period of cool weather in New England

H. H. Clayton
1886 Science  
Cause of a recent period of cool weather in N e w England. From Aug. 15 to Aug. 23 the weather in New England was quite cool and pleasant. This cool period culminated on the night of the 22d, when the temperature a t the Boston signal office sank as low as 49". On the signal service weather-chart of the morning of Aug. 23, it is found that the temperature was higher all around New England (north, east, south, and west) than in New England itself. Over New England tho sky u7as clear, and the air
more » ... was blowing out from this region in every direction, on the east side toward a storm which is central on the ocean, and on the west side toward astorm which is central in the lake region. Whence, then, came this cool air ? for it had previously been quite warm. I t evidently conld not have been imported from abroad : was it, then, due to a descent of cool air from above ? This is hardly possible, sincbe it was found, a t 11P fix. of the 22d, that the temperature on Mount Washington was 51". while a t the nearest lower stations -Portland and Boston -the temperature was 56", and on top of Blue Hill 51". At 7 A.M. of the 23dthe con-
doi:10.1126/science.ns-8.188.233 pmid:17772503 fatcat:lsirqyqf75gp5h3whprwhyn4ny