Hofstede, Inglehart and Beyond. New Directions in Empirical Global Value Research

Arno Tausch
2015 Social Science Research Network  
However much we appreciate the enormous scientific contribution by Professor Ronald Inglehart, who initiated the international data collection of the World Values Survey, our re-analysis of the very World Values Survey data ["roll-outs" of the World Values Survey data wvs1981_2008_v20090914.sav] brought us to question Inglehart's theories, with which he and his associates interpret the mass of the World Values Survey data. Their theoretical approach does not use a sufficiently number of
more » ... e indicators how global publics view central issues of economic policy, and their theories overemphasize a secularistic view of the religious phenomenon in modern society. Their theories predict the gradual waning of the religious phenomena in parallel with the increase of human security, and even cherish at times the tendencies brought about by such a waning of the religious element in advanced democracies. Inglehart spells them out: higher levels of tolerance for abortion, divorce, homosexuality; the erosion of parental authority, the decrease of the importance of family life et cetera. Is that really something to cherish?
doi:10.2139/ssrn.2606243 fatcat:rodjyys2vjg4rkvkbyt5uqlsa4