Genotype x environment interaction for seed cotton yield and component traits in upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

2021 Electronic Journal of Plant Breeding  
The present investigation was carried out to assess the stability of three lines, twelve testers, thirty six hybrids and one check (PKV Hy 2) over three locations in Maharashtra viz., Akola, Amravati and Nagpur using Eberhart and Russell Model. Pooled analysis of variance over the environments revealed that the genotypes, environments and genotypes x environments interaction were highly significant for all the characters indicating a considerable extent of interaction between the genotypes and
more » ... nvironments. Environmental indices revealed that Nagpur was the most favourable location in an expression of most of the yield component traits. Eight hybrids viz.
doi:10.37992/2021.1204.166 fatcat:o3xtwcxqknfxvb4j3yx6tasuva