Effect of bulb removal date on growth and flowering of Asiatic hybrid lily cv. Brunello

M Asker Hassan
2012 African Journal of Agricultural Research  
The objective of the present study was to investigate the effect of different bulb removal dates during plant growth on growth and flowering of Asiatic hybrid lily cv. "Brunello". The study was carried out in the nursery of Floriculture Unit, Baghdad University, Iraq, from January to April 2012. During plant growth, the bulbs were not removed (control) or removed four, six, eight and ten weeks after planting. The results revealed that buds number, flowers number, flower diameter and plant
more » ... ter and plant height were reduced while number of aborted buds increased when the bulbs were removed during active growth. The degree of bulb removal effect was dependent on date of bulb removal. The effect was severe when the bulbs were removed 8 weeks after planting at which time the plants were at the flower bud development; the plants were shorter and more sensitive to buds abortion and produced less flowers with smaller size compared to other treatments. It is necessary to perform further studies to clarify the relation between the bulb and plant development and to investigate the plant physiological and biochemical changes upon bulb removal during plant growth.
doi:10.5897/ajar12.1331 fatcat:oofrjlpbizgnjmme3qzz653b44