Mohammed F. Hadi, R. K. Dib
2007 Electromagnetic Waves  
This work demonstrates an efficient and simple approach for applying high-order extended-stencil FDTD algorithms near planar perfect electric conductors (PEC) boundaries while minimizing spurious reflections off the interface between the high-order grid and the mandated special compact cells around PEC boundaries. This proposed approach eliminates the need for cumbersome subgridding implementations and provides a superior alternative in minimizing spurious reflections without any added modeling
more » ... any added modeling complexity or computing costs. The high-order algorithm used in this work is the recently proposed three-dimensional FV24 algorithm and the proposed approach can be easily extended to the standard Fang high-order FDTD algorithm which represents a special case of the highly phasecoherent FV24 algorithm.
doi:10.2528/pier07031601 fatcat:iitdo4jkf5dv7om66nqpoynryq