Volatile Fatty Acid Production from Organic Waste with the Emphasis on Membrane-Based Recovery

Prawat Sukphun, Sureewan Sittijunda, Alissara Reungsang
2021 Fermentation  
In recent years, interest in the biorefinery concept has emerged in the utilization of volatile fatty acids (VFAs) produced by acidogenic fermentation as precursors for various biotechnological processes. This has attracted substantial attention to VFA production from low-cost substrates such as organic waste and membrane based VFA recovery techniques to achieve cost-effective and environmentally friendly processes. However, there are few reviews which emphasize the acidogenic fermentation of
more » ... ganic waste into VFAs, and VFA recovery. Therefore, this article comprehensively summarizes VFA production, the factors affecting VFA production, and VFA recovery strategies using membrane-based techniques. Additionally, the outlook for future research on VFA production is discussed.
doi:10.3390/fermentation7030159 fatcat:cm4vqa362fcr3fu7prfg263mtm