NFC-Based Secure Mobile Healthcare System

Madhura Pm, Palash Jain, Harini Shankar
International Journal of Advanced Networking & Applications   unpublished
Near Field Communication (NFC) is a wireless communication standard which enables two devices in a short range to establish a communication channel within a short period of time through radio waves in the 13.56 MHz frequency range. A secured and an efficient architecture for improving healthcare system, uses Android based mobile devices with NFC smartcard technology on tamper resistant Secure Element (SE) and a Health Secure service on a hybrid cloud for security and health record management.
more » ... ecord management. In this work, we propose NFC cards (MIFARE classic cards) that are equipped with internal memory, which provide the potential advantage of improving patient's identification by eliminating the paper based documentation work. Simple touch of NFC enabled mobile devices can benefit both the patient as well as the medical doctors by providing a robust and secure health flow. It can also provide portability of devices and usability for health management in emergency situation, overpopulated hospitals and remote locations.