Densification and Deformation of Partially Sintered Zirconia-Preform under Uniaxial Compressive Stress

Kazuo YAMANA, Yukiko YAMAMOTO, Shizuo NAKAMURA, Kazuo KITAGAWA, Takuji YOSHIMURA, Toshimasa MANO, Yoshitomo SHINTANI
1989 Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan  
The uniazial compression was applied with a hot press apparatus for the partially sintered preforms with three chemical com positions, 3mol Y23Zr2 (TZ-3 Y), 6mol Y23Zr2 (TZ-6 Y), and 8mol Y23Zr2(TZ-8 Y). The change in size was measured after pressing. Obviously, the densification occurred below 1350 and superplastic defomation appeared mainly over 1350. The grain size at 1500 was 2m in TZ-8 Y in comparison with 0.4m in TZ-3 Y. TZ 6 Y and TZ-8 Y had a porosity of 5-15 because of the rapid grain
more » ... rowth. Consequently, small bending strengths in the range of 20-30kgf/mm2 were obtained. In TZ-3 Y, the compressive deformation gave a rapid increase in strength up to 140kgf/mm2. But the strength decreased above 1450, due to the formation of R-phase, by Kitano et al. (1987).
doi:10.2109/jcersj.97.758 fatcat:jmpd4lsf4jeezahtfvwtabsx7i