Modeling of Diffusion of Plutonium in Other Metals and of Gaseous Species in Plutonium-Based Systems [report]

Cooper, Bernard, R., Gayanath W Fernando
2000 unpublished
Research Objective: The problem being addressed is to establish standards for temperature conditions under which plutonium, uranium, or neptunium from nuclear wastes permeates steel, with which it is in contact, by diffusion processes. The primary focus is on plutonium because of the greater difficulties created by the peculiarities of face-centered-cubic-stabilized (delta) plutonium (the form used in the technology generating the waste). Temperature is the key controllable diffusion process,
more » ... iffusion process, i.e., temperature controls the rate of diffusion. The scientific goal of this project is to predict diffusion constants on an ab initio basis, i.e. diffusion distances in specified time at specified temperature for plutonium from plutonium-based waste materials into various steels or technologically-pertinent metallic alloys. This predictive ability will help to provide information relevant to setting temperature standards for maintaining structures, ducts, equipment, or waste-containing vessels until such time as decontamination and decommissioning and/or permanent storage can be carried out. In
doi:10.2172/828400 fatcat:qx7blbkd4jhc3m5xaitmlab3wy