Přírodní podmínky CHKO Kokořínsko Natural conditions of Kokořínsko Protected Landscape Area

Luboš Beran
2006 Bohemia centralis, Praha   unpublished
▒ Abstract. The Kokořínsko PLA is situated between towns Mělník and Česká Lípa in Central and Northern Bohemia (Czech Republic) and was declared in 1976 on the area of 272 km 2. Kokořínsko is famous as a picturesque landscape with sandstone rocks. The sandstone has eroded in a network of tableaux, valleys and "rock cities" rich of various rock formations including towers surmounted by capstones (so-called "lids"). Mesozoic sandstone is the most common type of rock found in this area and
more » ... is area and contains various types of cement. The bed of lime sandstone enriches water with calcium compounds and therefore calcareous wetlands in valleys of two brooks (Liběchovka, Pšovka) and their tributaries developed. Unique plant and animal communities with many relic and endangered species inhabit these wetlands. Cool microclimate in deep and narrow valleys and simultaneous connection with Elbe River Lowland are suitable predispositions for the coexistence of both mountain and lowland species. The status of wetlands of international importance according to the Ramsar Convention was granted to these wetlands. Landscape geomorphology is the cause of high variability of habitats. The warm and dry top of sandstone rocks is covered by pine forests with heather and lichens, basiphilic thermophilic species occur on some places enriched by loess. Narrow cold base of the valleys is inhabited by species preferring mountain areas. The most interesting and valuable parts of the PLA are protected as 5 nature reserves and 16 nature monuments. The whole area is administered by the Kokořínsko PLA Administration. ▒