Beaked redfish (Sebastes mentella) in ICES subareas 5, 12, and 14 (Iceland and Faroe grounds, North of Azores, East of Greenland) and in NAFO subareas 1 and 2 (deep pelagic stock > 500 m) [report]

ICES advises on the basis of precautionary considerations that catches in 2016 of deep pelagic Sebastes mentellabe significantly reduced since indices from the survey suggest that the stock has declined substantially prior to 2005 and continues to decline. Simulations show that only options with catch below 10000 t have a more than 50% probability of giving increasing biomass; therefore, only catch options under 10000 t should be considered for 2016.
doi:10.17895/ices.advice.18668435.v1 fatcat:cn24kapzizdzbku753i5d3jc6i