Analysis on Animation Attitudes of College Students

婷婷 钱
2017 Advances in Psychology  
With the rapid development of economic and the upgrading network technology, animation has already become a global industry. Animation and manga culture have also developed gradually into a unique cultural and social phenomenon by its popularity among fans. Currently, domestic scholars have their research focused on the area of art, communication science, education science etc. However, the field of psychology is less involved. On the basis of understanding the college students' attitudes and
more » ... ts' attitudes and opinions on animation and manga, taking students in Qufu Normal University as samples, this study has methodologically adopted questionnaire survey to analyze their attitudes on animation and manga. According to the results, animation and manga have high penetration among college students, they have their own choices on animation and comics, and they are rather rational when participating in relevant activities.
doi:10.12677/ap.2017.73030 fatcat:anmng3vp3jd7lden6jfeichucu