Advanced Nanomaterial's for Industrial Wastewater Treatment – A Review [post]

Geetha Palani, Arputha latha L, Karthik K, Sivarama Krishna Lakkaboyana, Marlia M. Hanafiah, Vinay Kumar, Ravi Kumar Marella
2021 unpublished
Today major environmental issue facing the universe is Industrial wastewater. They are present in the form of various pollutants like organic/inorganic, heavy metals, and non-disintegrating materials at an enormous amount. As of now, eliminating these pollutants from wastewater from industries in a viable manner has become a significant issue. Productive refinement methodologies are required to eliminate those toxins before removal. Furthermore, nanomaterials are innovationally powerful to
more » ... ly powerful to purification of water by utilizing inexpensive nanofiltration and nano adsorbent. Heavy metal ions removal in an efficient way from the environment is the first and foremost problem from a biological and ecological perspective, and numerous research practices have been dedicated to the removal of harmful metal particles, involved both in the underground and surface wastewater. This article mainly focuses on the nanomaterials utilization of various contaminating materials removal from industrial wastewater with an exceptional spotlight on rare earth components and nanofiber and nanocomposite films. The objective is to offer references an outline in the field of developing nanomaterials utilization for harmful pollutants removal from industrial wastewater for industrializers and analysts.
doi:10.20944/preprints202102.0337.v1 fatcat:k6aoeim6lbdftifhh4j3ykjhra