Checklist for nurse anaesthetists in Poland for the safety of patients: a mixed methods design study
Kontrolní seznam pro zajištění bezpečnosti pacientů určený pro anesteziologické sestry v Polsku: smíšená (kvalitativní a kvantitativní) studie

Dorota Ozga, Wioletta Mędrzycka-Dąbrowska, Małgorzata Jadczak, Anna Zdun, Aleksandra Gutysz-Wojnicka, Paweł Witt
2020 Kontakt  
The aim of this study is the further development and verification of "The Check-List for Nurse Anaesthetists" (CLNA). A mixed method study design was applied in order to do so. A focus group consisting of 13 nurses -with a long-standing professional experience in anaesthesiology and intensive care nursing -participated in the first stage of testing. They developed a check-list for nurse anaesthetists. Then, the group attempted to validate and standardise the developed tool. The check-list made
more » ... he check-list made it possible to gather information on the procedures performed by nurse anaesthetists which were grouped in six sections. In total, 130 check-lists were validated during the second stage of testing. The Check-List for Nurse Anaesthetists increases the safety of the nursing staff and patients; it helps to maintain a safe working environment, increase responsibility for safe working conditions and awareness of the responsibility among nurse anaesthetists, as well as collect information on the causes of adverse events in anaesthesiology nursing, record them and modify practice accordingly. According to the Working Group of the Polish Association of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Nurses, The Check-List for Nurse Anaesthetists should be included in the mandatory or minimum list of additional internal patient documentation.
doi:10.32725/kont.2020.006 fatcat:obfkqicqurf2dloiu7yqou7cei