2017 Scientific Bulletin of Naval Academy  
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are nowadays a very important tool in any military organization. Especially in the navy, they can be used for many missions, in order to increase their success and efficiency, reducing at the same time the risk with personnel. This paper focus in the UAV importance, especially in the navy. Also, it introduces UAV system architectures, and how they can be helpful in the Navy, introducing an interoperability approach for these systems' protocols. JIFACTOR vehicles, a JAUS
more » ... OR vehicles, a JAUS to ROS bridge was created, allowing interoperability between them. Conclusions and future work To conclude, this paper addressed the importance of UAVs and the basic architecture that these systems should have, introducing an interoperability approach. Nowadays, UAVs are important assets in almost any organization. Especially in the military, they can operate in difficult environments, reducing the risk to personnel and even costs. The UAS architecture is also very complex, and it depends on the type of mission and environment. Protocols are essential in order to have efficient communication between the UAV and GCS. The proposed bridge will be an important tool, so that interoperability between MAVLink and STANAG 4586 can be achieved. For future work, other bridges are proposed, for example, between JAUS and MAVLink, or even JAUS and STANAG 4586. These systems are important, in order to have interoperability and multiple vehicles and GCSs communicating with each other.
doi:10.21279/1454-864x-17-i1-020 fatcat:nuhucsm3cbedzan72r63jc6t3e