1909 Mind  
NEW BOOKS. The appendix in recent literature includes a summary of recent work on ' reflexion ' by Etienne Maigre. Through the work of Ribot uid Binet on intelligence and thought, France is already much in sympathy with the later work of Kttlpe's school; an ' Essai de chirom&ncie expertmentale' by Binet, who, with the objectivity which is so characteristic of him, attacks the subject experimentally and finds in favour of signs of intelligence in the hand; as well as a ' causene peVlagogique '
more » ... ne peVlagogique ' with the editor, showing the position of practical efforts in this direction in France (pp. 406-431) . The volume closes with sixty-seven pages of notice* of papers, written largely by the several authors themselves. . HXRBY J. WATT. Intelligenz iind Wille. DK. E. MEUMANN. Leipzig: Quelle & Meyer,. 1908. Pp. viii, 293. Geb. 380 marks.
doi:10.1093/mind/xviii.1.626-a fatcat:iabvn4s5y5d55a37nsib7piqzm