Cooling by heating: Restoration of the third law of thermodynamics

V. B. Sørdal, J. Bergli, Y. M. Galperin
2016 Physical review. E  
We have made a simple and natural modification of a recent quantum refrigerator model presented by Cleuren et al. in Phys. Rev, Lett.108, 120603 (2012). The original model consist of two metal leads acting as heat baths, and a set of quantum dots that allow for electron transport between the baths. It was shown to violate the dynamic third law of thermodynamics (the unattainability principle, which states that cooling to absolute zero in finite time is impossible), but by taking into
more » ... on the finite energy level spacing in metals we restore the third law, while keeping all of the original model's thermodynamic properties intact.
doi:10.1103/physreve.93.032102 pmid:27078287 fatcat:5zj7nrm6vnhf7mwqftjtd6altu