A Study on the Service Radius of Physical Recreation Areas and Facilities : The Management of Physical Education in Public Gymnasium
運動施設の誘致距離に関する研究 : 公営体育館の体育経営

Taira Nakamura
1977 Taiikugaku kenkyu (Japan Journal of Physical Education Health and Sport Sciences)  
JapaneseSociety ofPhysical Education 93 guttwueosttweseeecwat6MsE at E filt g rk ¢ pt gg" tp N sp* (waM51ze10E4H stM) The service radius, thet is, the reasonable coverage of area of residence ef those who visit a certain sports and recreation facility and make use of it, is one of the measures af service function of the pubiic sperts and recreation facility. The purpose of this study was, then, to investigate if an operation of certain sports classes vvould expand the service radius in area
more » ... ice of a physical recreation area and its facility. A questionnaire survey was carried out for this purpose, among the perticipants in area services that vvere provided in tvvo public gymRasia in urban areas, vehere a number of physical education services were operated. In this study, the service radii of these two gymnasia were expres$ed in terms of the time required by each participant to come from home to the facility by whatever the means of transportation vras employed. As the results ef this study, the following conclusions were ebtained; 1) The service radii of these gymnasia were judged to be thirty minutes as the desirable maximum limit, regardless of sex, by whatever the rneans of transportation was emplQyed by each participant. 2) Assuming that these gymnasia had area service'only, not having any sports classes, the service radii af these gymnasia vrould have been twenty minutes. 3) The same public gymnasia may be able to mobilize rnore substantial participants with longer serviee radius when certain sports classes are provided then when such classes are not operated.
doi:10.5432/jjpehss.kj00003392550 fatcat:ahyyswxdn5d3bf5idwmf5scdoe