pBBR1-GFP: A Broad-Host-Range Vector for Prokaryotic Promoter Studies

S. Ouahrani-Bettache, F. Porte, J. Teyssier, J.-P. Liautard, S. Köhler
1999 BioTechniques  
Figure 2 . Detection of B. suis expressing GFP by flow cytometry.Fluorescence intensity of gfp -expressing B. suis(pBBR1-GFP-SOG) and non-gfp -expressing bacteria (WT, pBBR1-GFP) was examined with a FACSCalibur Scanner, and Cell Quest software (Becton Dickinson Immunocytometry Systems) was used for the analysis and quantitation of fluorescence. x = mean fluorescence intensity.
doi:10.2144/99264bm05 pmid:10343896 fatcat:zitkbqyodraehgwgs4ne4yowbi