Sınıf Öğretmenlerinin Okul Müdürlerinin Stratejik Liderliğine ve Örgüt Sağlığına Yönelik Algıları

Nejat İRA- Birol KARAKUŞ
2020 Turkish Studies - Educational Sciences  
The purpose of this study is analyzing the relation between school principals' strategic leadership behaviors and organizational health, according to the perceptions of primary school teachers. Relational screening model was used in the research. The "Strategic Leadership Scale (SLO) developed by Pisapia (2010) and Aydın (2012) adapted to Turkish, to 212 teachers working in elementary schools located in districts selected from 4 service regions in Balıkesir province in order to determine the
more » ... el of strategic leadership and organizational health in schools. And Organizational Health Measurement Inventory (ÖSÖE)" developed by Özdemir (2006). The research universe was formed from primary schools in Balıkesir province. The research sample was created by using stratified and simple random method from primary schools in selected districts in each service area in Balıkesir province. Research data were collected through questionnaires distributed to teachers in the fall semester of 2019. "Strategic Leadership Scale" and "Organizational Health Assessment Inventory" data results answered by teachers were analyzed in SPSS 22.0 program, this is the evaluation of the school's strategic leadership and organizations in schools. Pearson correlation is for the reason for the relationship between organized leadership and lower level with strategic leadership and sub-dimensions. Regression analysis was applied to organize strategic leadership. As a result of the research, the strategic leadership of the school principals was low and the organizational health in the schools was medium. A moderate positive relationship was found between strategic leadership and organizational health. It is concluded that strategic leadership is a significant predictor of organizational health. Structured Abstract: Along with the changing new world order, technological developments, changes in social life, and differences in the economic and cultural sphere are felt in all areas. All these changes require different perspectives, especially in the field of Education Management.One of the most basic tasks of education is to transfer the basic values of society to future generations and to reshape society. School * Çalışmada kullanılan veriler 2019 yılı güz döneminde toplanmıştır.
doi:10.47423/turkishstudies.46802 fatcat:zp2eipd4d5epvd2kwt4odbfevu