The economic feasibility of taking into account the joint work of load-bearing and enclosing elements in large-span wooden spatial structures

Konstantin P. Pyatikrestovsky, Boris S. Sokolov
2021 Structural Mechanics of Engineering Constructions and Buildings  
Large-span wooden spatial structures in the form of domes, developed in JSC Research Center of Construction under the leadership of A.A. Pogoreltsev, are built in large numbers for roofing various buildings. Such designs have high performance indicators and continue to improve. In 2020 the Manual on accounting for the joint work of the frame and fencing in wooden spatial structures of buildings and structures was developed as an addition to SP 64.13330.2017, containing examples of strength
more » ... lation and optimization of rib cross-section dimensions, as well as an example of determining the long-term strength of the shell cladding. These structures, in fact unique, are designed so far in the margin of safety without taking into account the participation of the enclosing part (panels, decking, etc.) in the bearing loads. Taking into account the work of the decking, especially when exposed to asymmetric loads, can lead to material savings. In addition to the above theory of nonlinear shell calculation, the authors have also developed a calculation of composite anisotropic panels operating under complex stress conditions, i.e. under biaxial compression (tension) and shear. The calculation of such structures under both short-term and long-term loads presents certain difficulties and requires the introduction of strength theories and criteria for their description that are unusual for specialists of design organizations.
doi:10.22363/1815-5235-2021-17-6-664-678 fatcat:p2ndrsobwrdfvisnpyvcptewqq