Behaviour and Bioacoustic Characteristic of Male Dolphins Bottle Nose (Tursiops Aduncus) in Captive, Indonesia

Muhammad Zainuddin Lubis
2016 Nutrition & Food Science International journal  
Bioacoustic is knowledge that combines biology and acoustic which usually refer to research on the production of sound, dispersion through an elastic medium , and acceptance in animals, including humans. This research using passive acoustic method and behavior observing of male dolphins by doing approach science of the passive acoustic (bioacoustics) is see the difference patterns and a characteristic sound of the porpoise. Dolphins male (Tursiops aduncus) preserved in park of safari indonesia
more » ... isarua bogor, having value intensity lowest of 28.03dB and the highest is of 32,01dB. With an average parameter measurable namely salinity up to 30% and temperature 23°C with the depth of the pool 4,5meters. Range the frequency of sounds click with the highest intensity of 32,01dB with a clicking sound after food in first day to 2 which is found in range frequency namely 14.000-16.000Hz. Range the frequency of sounds click dolphins male (tursiop aduncus) in park of safari with frequency of 14.221-15.100Hz. There is a difference intensity voting against treatment before and after eating by using the pool the same study. Value intensity highest obtained at the sound of after food in second day with the intensity 32, 01dB and value of the lowest intensity of are in before a meal is first day. Dolphins tends to be basic a pool of sea water in as before eating and dolphins always was sitting on the surface of the pond at the time after eating .
doi:10.19080/nfsij.2016.01.555575 fatcat:g7rtg6purve5nd5oba5gpxmkgq